Learn How This Young Entrepreneur Used $20 and a Community of Dallas Women to Launch a Female Empowerment Brand

Bold Babes founder and Carrollton, TX resident Shampaigne

When Bold Babes founder and Carrollton, TX resident Shampaigne Graves decided to start a small t-shirt line she had no idea how quickly one fun design would turn into a lifestyle brand and platform that supported her passion of empowering and uplifting women. Leaning on faith, Shampaigne used her personal networks, Google, and a $20 Facebook ad in hopes of planning, coordinating and executing a 15 crew photo shoot for the brand at the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas.

An ad that she presumed would be ignored was responded to by over 35 different women in the Dallas area whom all believed in the Bold Babes mission of amplifying bold female voices. After carefully selecting the ladies for the shoot, ten Dallas Bold Babes took over the Dallas Skyline Bridge for the official Bold Babes brand commercial. Now Shampaigne is giving back to the Dallas community with the Bold Babes Dallas Launch Party. An evening to remember in the city, The Bold Babes Launch party will premiere the commercial as well as display the individual business endeavors of local Dallas women who embody the Bold Babe characteristics of ambition, drive, and belief in women-centered community. The Bold Babes Launch Party will be at Venture X-Galleria on Saturday, September 29th from 7 to 9 pm. Already creating buzz, Bold Babes has secured collaborations for the event with local Dallas small businesses, OWNext Media and One Sweet Touch Events.

A social event set to be attended by prominent Dallas influencers, entrepreneurs, and community members; this isn't a party you'll want to miss.

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